The Philadelphia Cultural Fund was established in 1991 when Philadelphia’s Mayor and City Council authorized the creation of a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation whose mission is to provide funds to enhance arts and cultural organizations throughout the City of Philadelphia. The Cultural Fund promotes arts and culture as engines of social, educational and economic development in Philadelphia.


Among the overall goals of the Cultural Fund are:

  • to provide general operating support funds to serve Philadelphia-based arts and cultural institutions and organizations
  • to advocate the value of the arts in daily life and their importance to the growth and future of the community
  • to recognize the contributions of Philadelphia-based organizations, both emerging and established, that have a demonstrated track record to service, and the financial management and programming capacity to continue providing service
  • to recognize and nurture artistic quality
  • to encourage and increase opportunities for involvement and participation in arts and cultural activities by culturally diverse constituencies
  • to preserve and protect the cultural heritage of Philadelphia and encourage a sense of pride and commitment in the city