• The Philadelphia Cultural Fund (PCF) helps Philadelphia and Philadelphians thrive by providing general operating grants to hundreds of arts and culture programs each year, reaching all corners of our city. The Philadelphia Cultural Fund is how the City of Philadelphia has funded the arts since 1994.
  • PCF awards approximately $2.9 million in grants annually; grants are made from a City budget allocation to PCF and provide operating support to Philadelphia-based arts and culture organizations dedicated to creating, preserving and/or exhibiting visual, literary and performing arts, architecture, science, history, and the humanities.
  • PCF is committed to removing barriers to applying for grants especially to small community-based arts organizations that are traditionally considered ineligible for foundation support.
    • In 2020, 45% of the organizations funded operated with budgets under $150,000, with little or no paid staff.
  • 56% of grant recipients serve Philadelphia’s Pre-K and school-aged children in and out of school.
  • 76% of grant recipients are led by women.
  • 36% of grant recipients are led by people of color.
  • The 2020 grant recipients provided programming that served a Total Attendance of over 11 million people, many free to attendees: 5,008,291 Free Attendance; 6,116,887 Paid Attendance.
  • PCF grant recipients have a significant annual direct economic impact on our community.
    • Direct expenditures of $737,318,485 benefit the local economy.
    • The arts and culture sector is a vital employer in Philadelphia, providing 19,272 paid positions (full-time, part-time, independent contractors).
  • PCF has awarded over $53 million to Philadelphia’s art and culture sector since its founding as a non-profit 501c3 organization.

Philadelphia Cultural Fund 2020 Home Locations: 349 Grantees

Philadelphia Cultural Fund 2020 Home and Program Locations: 349 Grantees


Georgia E. Gregory Interdenominational School of Music – 2021 Art & Culture Grant Recipient
Dolce Suono Ensemble – 2021 Art & Culture Grant Recipient

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For Philly to recover from COVID, the arts must be here. And the city, through a fully restored PCF, must be here for the arts. digital.olivesoftwar…

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