Grant Programs

Grant Programs

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Art & Culture Grants

Please Note: The City of Philadelphia adopted a FY22 budget that provides The Philadelphia Cultural Fund with an allocation of $2.5 million. Although this is a reduction from our pre-pandemic allocation of $3.14 million in FY20, we are relieved that the city is increasing its support to PCF and the city’s arts sector from the $1 million PCF received for FY21. For this reason, the Philadelphia Cultural Fund will alter its operations and process for the 2022 Art & Culture Grants. Visit the Art and Culture Grants Page for updates regarding the FY22 grant cycle.

Although the Philadelphia Cultural Fund is operating under unusual circumstances, if you are interested in learning more about how the grant process functioned prior to 2021, please review the 2020 Art and Culture Grant Program description below.

  • Basic eligibility requirements:
    • Arts and culture is the primary focus of mission and/or select programming;
    • Legal residence and the majority of programming must be in the City of Philadelphia;
    • Must be incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in good standing OR contracted with a Fiscal Sponsor/Parent Organization that has been pre-approved by the Cultural Fund;
    • Must have demonstrated at least one year of public programming.
  • Guidelines and application are available on the website
  • Applications are filled out and submitted online
  • Applicants are required to undergo a site visit and their application is evaluated through a peer panel review
  • Grant amounts are determined through the use of a funding formula; applicants do not request a specific grant amount.
  • Download a copy of the 2020 Art & Culture Grant Program Eligibility and Guidelines (for reference only)

Youth Arts Enrichment Grants (by invitation only)

  • Must be a 2019 Art & Culture grantee to qualify
  • Guidelines and application are available on the website
  • Applications are filled out and submitted online
  • Qualified applications will undergo two rounds of peer panel review; site visits are not a part of the YAE application review process
  • The Philadelphia Cultural Fund’s Board of Directors will make final grant determinations
  • Download a copy of the 2019 Youth Art Enrichment Guidelines (for reference only)

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Art & Culture Grants

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