Peer Panelists

Peer Panelists

About the Peer Panel Process

The Philadelphia Cultural Fund’s peer panel process annually convenes over 100 volunteers representing the region’s arts and culture community for our two grant programs: the Art & Culture Grants and the Youth Arts Enrichment Grants. Panelists contribute artistic, administrative, educational, evaluative, and operational perspectives in the evaluation of grant applications. Members of the Greater Philadelphia arts and culture community are encouraged to apply.

This spring the Philadelphia Cultural Fund will award Youth Arts Enrichment (YAE) grants to Established organizations (organizations over 5 years old) that were awarded a 2019 Art & Culture general operating grant. Our goal for the 2019 YAE Peer Panel is to build a cohort of panelists with strong backgrounds in youth arts education, youth-centered program creation, development and/or evaluation who represent a variety of expertise, perspectives, and disciplines.

Program Scope:

  • YAE grants support specific programming that uses the arts to enrich the lives of young people, aged 5 to 18, in and out of school.
  • The goal of the grant program is to provide high-quality arts instruction, training, and participatory experiences to young people (aged 5 to 18) who are most unlikely to access cultural enrichment through other avenues. This includes programming in Philadelphia’s most underserved, impoverished communities.
  • The maximum grant award is $20,000.
  • Grants will be awarded in June 2019.
  • YAE Peer panel service is completed virtually. Site visits and in-person panel meetings are not included in this panel process. All scoring is completed online through Zengine, the Cultural Fund’s new grant management platform
  • YAE applications will be scored by two groups of panelists; some will be assigned to Round #1 and some to Round #2.
  • The 2019 Youth Arts Enrichment Grant Guidelines are provided here for reference

The Philadelphia Cultural Fund is committed to diversity both in our grantees and our panelists. We invite prospective panelists of all ages, races, genders, sexual orientations, and artistic disciplines to apply.

To be considered for 2019 Youth Arts Enrichment Grant Panel service, interested individuals must email a current resume to, Michelle Currica,, and Barbara Silzle,

We are grateful for the commitment of time, service and insight contributed by the 2018 Peer Panelists.

2018 Art & Culture Grants Peer Panelists

Adam Lesnick Katherine Haas
Adrienne Harding Kathy Seufert
Aisha Khan Kelli Paul
Alan Powell Kevin Schott
Ali Gathers Kimberly Niemela
Alice Yorke LaNeshe Miller-White
Allison Kelsey Lara Fields
Alyssa Kaminski Lauren Rile Smith
Andy Thierauf Lea Deutsch
Ann Marie Rhoades Linda Dubin Garfield
Ann Mintz Lisa Jo Epstein
Anne-Marie Mulgrew Lisa Miller
Ariel Taylor Lisa Sonneborn
Arlene Hilton Lise Funderburg
Baily Cypress Liz Sytsma
Barbara Wilson M’Balia Singley
Brian Kurtas Mark Huxsoll
Brittany Webb Marla Soffer
Brittnie Knight Matt Kalasky
Cara Blouin Megan Becker
Carlos Roa Megan Lafferty
Carly Rapaport-Stein Melanie R. Richter
Carol Zou Melissa Hamilton
Caroline Winschel Melissa Keiper
Catherine Lee Michael Lane
Catherine Radbill Michael Madeja
Catherine Ross ML Wernecke
Celeste DiNucci Nadav Carmel
Cheryl Carson Nell Bang-Jensen
Daniel Guy Peter Conn
David Harrison Rachel McCausland
Donna Ann Harris Rae Pagliarulo
Doris Parent Rebecca Daniels
Eboni Zamani Rebecca Roy
Elisabeth Zafiris Rebekah Wilcox
Elizabeth McClearn Robert Blackson
Ellen Fleurov Robert Smythe
Eric Hung Sarah Leonard
Fred Kaplan-Mayer Sarah Mitteldorf
Gabrielle Suzenski Sheila Egan
Gay Walling Sheila Mitchell
Gigi Naglak Shivon Love
Heather Karasow Smith Stacy Dutton
Imani Roach Stephanie Fuentes
Jacque Liu Stephanie Phillips
Janet Chance Steven Wasserleben
Jay Pennie Susan Shifrin
Jeannette  Geter Teri Scott
Jenna Wilchinsky Tezarah Wilkins
Jessica Baumert Thomas Leischner
John Federico Tina Barber
John Henderson, Jr. Tina Brock
Julia Rainer Tommie-Waheed Evans
Karen Lewis Tracy Buchanan
Kate Fox Vashti DuBois
Katherine Blodgett

2018 Youth Arts Enrichment Grants Peer Panelists

Abigail King Kimberly Niemela
Accra Zuberi Kori Beaman
Ami Yares Megan O’Donnell
Amy Murphy Michael O’Bryan
Angela Faranda Michelle Wallace
Ann Garner Nicholas Pagon
Aviva Kapust Ricky Stickler
Erik Petersons Roger Lee
Jiawen Xiong Samantha Rise
John Henderson Shivon Love
Julia Rubio Susan LaPalombara
Kevin Gifford Zachary Weber
Khalilah D. Pitts

The Philadelphia Cultural Fund is a non-profit corporation established by Philadelphia’s Mayor and City Council in 1991 to support and enhance the cultural life and vitality of the City of Philadelphia and its residents. The Fund promotes art and culture as engines of social, educational and economic development in the Philadelphia region. Grants are made from the City budget allocation to the Cultural Fund for operating support of Philadelphia-based arts and cultural organizations.

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