Background and Mission


Established in 1991, PCF is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to enriching Philadelphia’s artistic and cultural landscape.

By providing general operating support to Philadelphia-based arts and culture organizations, we advocate for the value of the arts and their importance to the growth and future of our community.

The social, educational, and economic development of Philadelphia is tied to the vitality of arts and culture in our city. PCF recognizes and promotes the contributions and services of Philadelphia-based organizations, both emerging and established, across all ten districts.

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  1. To provide general operating support to Philadelphia-based arts and cultural organizations
  2. To advocate for the value of the arts in daily life and their importance to the growth and future of the community
  3. To promote arts and culture as engines of social, educational and economic development in Philadelphia
  4. To recognize the contributions of Philadelphia-based organizations, both emerging and established, that have a demonstrated track record of service, and the financial management and programming capacity to continue providing service
  5. To recognize and nurture artistic quality
  6. To encourage and increase opportunities for involvement and participation in arts and cultural activities by culturally diverse constituencies

Communities We Serve

Meet the PCF Team

Philadelphia Cultural Fund team member: Gabriela Sanchez
Executive Director

Gabriela Sanchez

Gabriela Sanchez is a dynamic force in the arts and culture scene. With unwavering passion, Sanchez spearheads the mission of PCF, invigorating Philadelphia's cultural landscape and enriching the lives of its residents by championing arts and culture as catalysts for social cohesion, economic growth, and holistic well-being.

Philadelphia Cultural Fund team member: Camille Halsey
Program director

Camille Halsey

Camille Halsey is a dedicated arts administrator, lifelong movement artist, and creative. She innovates and implements PCF’s programs, overseeing all aspects of grant management. She develops accessible communication, evaluates the impact of programs, and leads her team with passion to foster a vibrant cultural landscape in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Cultural Fund team member: Destiny Bugs
Digital Engagement Coordinator

Destiny Bugg

Destiny Bugg joined PCF in January 2023 to support the organization as they set out to enhance community-building efforts. Since then she’s spearheaded efforts such as the monthly newsletter and organizational rebrand. Destiny helps to ensure that PCF’s support for the arts remains personable, accessible, and far-reaching.

Philadelphia Cultural Fund team member
program Coordinator

Aubrey Donisch

Aubrey Donisch is a dance artist and educator. She collaborates with artists and organizations to achieve their performance, project management, and community engagement goals. Aubrey’s guidance enhances PCF’s programming to champion accessible, sustainable, and community-centered practices.

Board of Directors


Dawn Frisby Byers

Vice President

LaNeshe Miller-White


Sarah Christy


Kelli Paul


Kendra Brooks


Quetcy Lozada


Anthony Phillips


Isaiah Thomas

Program chair

Michelle Currica-Hernandez


Rachel Choplick


Wilfredo Hernandez


Michael O'Bryan


John Orr

Board Member

Gabrielle Sellei

Board Member

Caralyn Spector

Board Member

Neville Vakharia

Past PCF Family

Interim Executive Director, Summer
2022 - Spring 2023

Caralyn Spector

Executive Director, Summer 2015 - Summer 2022

Barbara Silzle

Interim Executive Director, Spring 2014 - Summer 2015

Lois Welk

Executive Director, Summer 2014 - Spring 2015

June O’Neill

Manager, June 1992 - September 2002

Anne Edmunds

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