Art & Culture Grants

Art & Culture Grants

**The application for the 2023 Art & Culture Grant is currently closed. Congratulations to the 2023 Grantees!

2023 Art & Culture Grant Application – New Applicants

Application Portal

Application Deadline: Friday, December 9, 2022

This year PCF will once again accept new applications. Because of the difficulties of the pandemic, we will use a streamlined process that will minimize the amount of time and effort for applicants to qualify for funding. The application has been modified. There will be no panels or site visits. PCF staff will review the modified applications.

Applications for the 2023 grant cycle (1-yr general operating grant) are open only to organizations that have an Average Budget below $1.5M as shown on their current SMU|DataArts Philadelphia Cultural Fund (PCF) Funder Report.

Grant amounts will be determined through the use of a modified funding formula that takes into consideration the operating budget of the organization. Organizations that received a 2020 Art & Culture Grant should not apply through this grant program.

Applications will be assessed utilizing the following criteria

  • Program Merit & Strength: There is a clearly articulated mission that strongly links to the programming.
  • Community Impact: The community/communities the organization intends to serve is clearly defined. The operations and programs align to serve their self-defined community.
  • Operations & Managerial Capacity: Effective and stable operations.
  • Ability to Plan & Evaluate: Intentional and reflective approach to its operations and programming.
  • Leadership & Governance: The organization is led and strengthened by its Board of Directors or, if fiscally sponsored, operates as the program of a parent organization, its oversight group/council/board.
  • Integrity & Fiscal Responsibility: Robust financial systems and practices are in place.

Utilize these links to guide you and complete the application: 

Email Caralyn Spector, Interim Executive Director, at or Camille Halsey, Program Manager, with any questions.

2023 Art & Culture Grant Application – Returning Organizations

Application Portal (invitation only)

The application for the 2023 Grant Cycle (1-yr general operating grant) for returning grantees is now open. If eligible you will receive an email as this is by invitation only. Application eligibility is based on the FY21 and FY22 regranting criteria and the organization’s most recent SMU DataArts Funder Report in the PCF grantmaking system (Zengine). Eligible organizations must have an average operational budget of $1.5M or below.

Find information about our past grant cycles here.

Organization Profile

Organizations that have received a grant from the Philadelphia Cultural Fund (PCF) in the past should keep their organization profile information current in Zengine, PCF’s grant management system.  The information includes address, primary and secondary contact information, EIN #, etc.

To access and update your organization profile at any time, use the Zengine links here.

If you would like to access the records to an older submitted application for your organization contact Camille Halsey.

Art & Culture Grant Program Funding History

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Art & Culture Grants

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